What is the Best Operation for Pectus Excavatum?

Clearly there is a significant appeal to undergo a minimally invasive operation. However, the Nuss procedure can seldom be considered minimally invasive. Patients of the Nuss procedure typically stay in the hospital for longer when compared to those of the Ravitch procedure and they require narcotic pain medication for a longer period, though the differences are minimal.
The advantage of the Nuss procedure is that the patient can resume normal activities more swiftly since the chest wall remains intact. With the Ravitch procedure, the ribs must grow back for complete chest wall stability to occur and that may take six months.
The likelihood of recurrence of the chest deformity after the Nuss procedure has been slightly greater than with the Ravitch procedure. However, there have been ongoing improvements made to the Nuss procedure in order to improve the probability of success and eliminate complications.

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