Cosmetic Surgery to Treat Pectus Excavatum

For many with Pectus Excavatum, the minor severity of their condition renders the invasive Nuss procedure necessary and inadvisable. It is only a recommended option when the patient suffers from physiological symptoms associated with the disorder. However, in some cases, when the patient experiences severe psychological drawbacks from the cosmetic appearance of their chest, a procedure such as the Nuss may be advised. Nevertheless, for the vast majority, the options presented to patients are to consider less evasive cosmetic procedures to hide the condition, to undergo lengthy non-surgical treatment programs, or to simply accept and live with the condition. Thus, many individuals consider cosmetic procedures to be their best option since it is the quickest and arguably the most effective of their available treatment plans.

The most common cosmetic treatment for Pectus Excavatum is the use of silicon chest implants. the procedure is relatively straight forward and is synonymous with a breast implant procedure. However, in the case of Pectus Excavatum, the surgeon will shape the silicon implants to specifically hide the inward appearance of the chest. this may be optimal by using two implants under each pectoral, or a single implant over the sternum. The procedure can be highly effective, any the majority of patients are happy with the changed appearance of their chest.

A further cosmetic surgery option involves the use of dermal filler, which is injected into the tissue above and around the sternum. The procedure is much quicker and requires less down time. However, depending on what substance was used, the resulting implant may not be permanent. It is this reason which steers individuals to opt for silicon chest implants.

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