What are the differences between the Costa And Klobe Vacuum Bell?

The Costa and Klobe vacuum bells are largely similar in design and effectiveness. However, there are some slight difference between the two in terms of appearance. For instance, the Costa vacuum bell is black, whilst the Klobe vacuum bell is white. Additionally, both vacuum bells have a slightly different positions for the suction pipe. However, the two devices are largely identical in the materials used.

The two versions of Vacuum bell do, however, differ greatly in price. The Costa vacuum bell is priced at $450 USD, whilst the Klobe vacuum bell is more expensive, priced at $600 USD. Moreover, whilst the Costa Vacuum bell is available in the US and Europe, the Klobe vacuum Bell is only attainable in Europe.

More importantly, the two devices differ greatly in the sizes offered. The Costa vacuum bell is only available in one size; 10 inch vacuum bell intended for male adults 5’7 or taller. However, the Klobe vacuum bell is available in 5 different sizes:

  • The Large Vacuum Bell, diameter about 10″, for male persons taller than approx. 5? 7″ (1.70 meters)
  • The Small Vacuum Bell, diameter about 7.5″, for person taller than approx. 4? 7″ (1.40 meters)
  • The Small Vacuum Bell Type Bodybuilder for bodybuilders and special applications
  • The Mini Vacuum Bell, diameter about 6.3″, for children taller than approx. 3? 5″ (1.04 meters)
  • The Vacuum Bell for women

For more information on the two devices, please read the vacuum bell page.

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