Example Vacuum Bell Treatment Course

Initially, the patient should be examined by a licensed physician (medical practitioner/doctor) to ensure there are no problems surrounding the use of a vacuum bell. Also, the first application of the vacuum bell should be supervised by medical practitioner. The vacuum bell should be fitted while the patient is lying in a horizontal position; the fit should be snug and comfortable. The patient pumps, under supervision, in accordance with the physician?s recommendation. In doing so, the patient should experience only minimal discomfort. With the vacuum applied the patient can try to carefully stand up and walk around. An application of 15-30 minutes should be sufficient for the first treatment, at the end of which a final check-up should be made. Subsequently, the vacuum bell can be permanently handed over to the patient.

The patient can conduct subsequent treatments at his own convenience and in the comfort of his own home. During the early course of treatment, if the patient desires, he can take a break from treatment, consisting of a few days, in order to overcome chest soreness (a sensation similar to that caused by aching muscles). As soon as the chest becomes accustomed to the lifting of the sternum, it is feasible for the patient to apply the vacuum bell more often and to extend the treatment time to several hours per day. In the early stages of treatment medical check-ups should be made to ensure no problems occur. The day on which the funnel remains in a sufficiently elevated position since the previous treatment marks an important development. From this point, treatment should continue for about one year in order to ensure that the progress made up to this point does not recede. For more information on the use of a vacuum bell, please consult the vacuum bell page.

In conjunction with this treatment, physiotherapy exercises, especially those designed for expanding respiratory volume as well as those designed for stretching the upper body, can have a significant influence on improving the physical appearance of the funnel chest patient. For more information on the exercises which are recommended, please look through the exercise directory.

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