Exercises to Treat Pectus Excavatum

There are some really great exercises which can be extremely effective at treating and improving Pectus Excavatum. Breathing exercises are an excellent place to start, as they target the patients lung capacity and work the diaphragm and muscles surrounding the ribs and chest. By performing breathing exercises you are helping to strengthen the muscles surrounding the ribs which will ultimately help to pull the chest into a more appealing shape. An example breathing exercise, would be breathing squats.

Arguably, the most effective exercise for treating Pectus Excavatum is the dumbell pullover. This exercise really stretches the muscles in the chest which are neglected by most chest exercises and can really help to improve the appearance of the chest. Many of our users have noted significant improvements in the appearance of their chest from this exercise.

Another great exercise for treating Pectus Excavatum is the dumbbell fly or some other variation of a fly. Dumbbell Fly’s really stretch the muscles in the chest and encourage them to respond by pulling the chest into a more appealing shape.

Another good exercise, just to help with the overall appearance and strength of the chest is push ups.

Finally, whilst it doesn’t not directly relate to the chest, it is important not to neglect your core, as your core has a profound effect on your posture and ultimately the shape of your chest. Thus, core exercises such as situps are a great addition to any Pectus Excavatum workout.

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