Living With Pectus Excavatum

Living with Pectus Excavatum can be extremely difficult, many with the condition feel self conscious when exposing their bare chest and as a result avoid situations involving its exposure, such as swimming. However, IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE!

For those with a more serious example of the condition, or those significantly demoralized by the appearance of their chest, there is always the option cosmetic surgery. Please see the surgical treatment page for more detail on the surgical options available.

For all those who are not prepared to go under the knife there are a number of steps which can be taken to alleviate, and in some cases remove, the condition. These include non-surgical medical treatments such as the vacuum bell, see thevacuum bell page for more information on this device.
Similarly, there are a number of exercises which can be used to help strengthen the muscles and cartilage around the sternum and increase the capacity of the lungs to help push/pull the sternum out. For more information on these exercises, please consult the exercise directory.

Moreover, for the majority of those suffering from Pectus Excavatum, the condition is purely cosmetic. Therefore improving the overall cosmetic and physical condition of the body can go great lengths to hide the condition. Simply put, if you are prepared to invest time and effort into building muscle around your chest, back, and shoulders, then you can pretty much hide the condition all together. Building upper body muscle will help to improve the overall shape of the chest and rib cage, whilst at the same time disguising the sunken nature of the sternum. There are a number of users who have uploaded pictures to the blog to show how beneficial gaining weight can be. In laymen terms, the easier it is to see the ribs the easier it is to see they are deformed. There is a great deal of advice in the blog about how you can develop your body to hide the condition, with supporting exercise descriptions located here.

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