Lying Shoulder Girdle Stretch

The lying girdle stretch is a good exercise to stretch the inner costal fibbers surrounding the sternum and as a result it is a great exercise to gradually pull out the sternum and achieve a more normal chest appearance. Hence it is an excellent stretch for those with Pectus excavtum.


Lie supine with soles of feet on floor, hips and knees bent. Bend elbows and position back of arms against floor or mat with elbows to sides.


Push shoulders, forearms, and back of hand into floor or mat and slowly move arms toward sides of head. Still pushing shoulders and back of arms into floor, slowly arms toward sides.


This dynamic shoulder girdle stretch exercises rhomboids and trapezius isometrically while stretching pectoralis minor and major. It can be prescribed for protracted shoulder girdle. Continuously push shoulders and back of arms into floor or mat throughout stretch. Although arms move slowly throughout stretch, shoulder blades, elbows, and wrists are continuously pushing back against floor or mat. Position pelvis back so low back remains on floor or mat. See movement in Wall Shoulder Girdle Stretch.

Muscles (Stretch)


Pectoralis Minor


Pectoralis Major, Sternal
Pectoralis Major, Clavicular

Muscles (Isometric)


Trapezius, Middle
Trapezius, Lower


Deltoid, Posterior
Deltoid, Lateral
Teres Minor

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