Chest Implants

Cosmetic surgery involving chest implants or, in the case of women, breast implants, provides patients with an option to add size and shape to their chest and overall physique. Many individuals with Pectus Excavatum are turning to the use of specifically designed chest implants to achieve a more natural shape and a flatter, more defined appearance to the chest. Chest implants cannot be used to remedy the physiological symptoms which are associated with (more severe cases of) Pectus Excavatum. However, they can be used to improve the cosmetic appearance of the chest to a significant degree, which for many Pectus Excavatum patients, is precisely what they are looking to achieve. Many of our members have posted their experiences with chest implants and their success stories, to view these please visit this forum.

Why Consider Chest/Pectoral/Breast Implants?

The chest is quite simply the center piece of the human body, and Pectus Excavatum can in almost all cases detract from the cosmetic and aesthetic appearance of the chest. Subpectoral silicon implants, or simply chest implants, are available to Pectus Excavatum patients who are not suitable for invasive treatments like the Nuss Procedure. They are inserted through a small incision under the patients nipple and are placed above the sternum and under the pectoral muscles. Typically, the implant is designed specifically for the patient, or is altered during surgery to better fit the shape of the patients chest and their degree of Pectus Excavatum. Once inserted, the implants are positioned to permanently remain within the patient to give a flat, normal appearance to the chest.

What is a Silicone Chest Implant?

Silicone implants have been used in surgical procedures for over 60 years. Modern silicone implants used for Body Contouring enhancement are soft, flexible and durable; safe and reliable. Whilst silicon has at times come under criticism, many highly controlled studies have proven that silicone does not cause disease of any kind. Body Contouring Implants are made of solid silicone and solid silicone cannot cause any harm to the human body. Interestingly, body contouring plastic surgery implants are made of the same silicone that surrounds many cardiac pacemakers. Most joint replacement parts are made with either solid silicone or coated with silicone to reduce the body reaction.

What are the Benefits associated with Chest Implants?

Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery Implants can be very rewarding to those with Pectus Excavatum. For those with a minor example of the condition, implants are frequently the only way to add the desired shape and contour. Surgery under these circumstances may produce not only a physical enhancement but an emotional improvement. Furthermore, increased confidence in one’s appearance and physique frequently leads to further improvements in other areas of life.

What are the Risks associated with Chest Implants?

As with any surgical procedure, risks and complications do exist. However, modern surgical techniques reduce these risks to a minimum but patients are always urged to discuss the risks and complications with their physician. In order to reduce the incidence of complications, it is important that you select an experienced Plastic Surgeon that has a proven track record of success with minimal problems.

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