Vacuum Bell Therapy

Vacuum bell therapy is an experimental approach which offers a non-surgical solution to the Pectus Excavatum deformtiy. It works by temporarily pulling the depressed sternum outwards. With the continued application over a few years it can be used to re-shape the chest wall. The device works as follows:

A suction cap is placed over the depressed area and a vacuum is created between it and the underlying chest wall b using a hand pump. This hand pump is used to reduce the pressure up to 15% below normal atmospheric pressure. It is advised that the device be used for a minimum of 30 minutes, at least twice a day throughout the entire treatment period. Additionally it is recommended that patients do not use the device for more than several hours each day to avoid potential side effects; excessive negative pressure or more prolonged application can cause bruising and swelling with damage to the chest wall.

Presently, daily treatments are recommended for a period of 1 – 3 years. Many users have reported significant successes with the device, particularly in children.

For more information on this treatment option, please read the vacuum bell page.

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